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Ideas for Academic Writing: 5 Strong Thesis Statement Examples for Essays

If you want to create a strong thesis statement for your essay, you should learn useful ideas for academic writing. You have probably heard about an academic writing center in your college; it makes sense to visit it and look for good examples of thesis statements and completed essays there. However, you can also find plenty of helpful information online, including the tips below:

  • Your thesis statement should be simple and consist of a single sentence.
  • An effective thesis always answers a question what you are trying to prove or explain in your paper.
  • You should remember that you have a limited number of pages to develop your thesis statement, and therefore you need to formulate it precisely and focus on a narrow aspect.
  • It is a bad idea to stick to your thesis when you understand that your study indicates otherwise. Be flexible and revise your thesis after you prepare your first draft.
  • It is recommended to get your thesis statement approved before you start writing the paper. Your instructor may give you several good suggestions to start with.
  • Avoid using first person phrases in your thesis.

You can use thesis statement examples for the essays below in order to compose your own. Keep in mind that different thesis forms correspond to different kinds of essays:

  1. If you are writing an analytical essay, you should use the following type of thesis statement: a sentence that states the main claim of your topic in relation to the study object.
  2. To prepare a strong thesis for a comparative essay, you should state your main argument and mention the main points of comparison.
  3. A typical expository thesis statement includes the main claim of a topic, process, issue, or person.
  4. A thesis for an argumentative essay should present your main argument and the reason why you consider that it is true.
  5. A thesis statement of a cause/effect essay should point out the relationship between two or more events or processes.

These examples of thesis statements are provided for educational purposes. They are commonly used by students, but you may also offer your own form of thesis. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to consult your instructor. Preparing a good thesis for your essay is a very important part of the academic writing process, so you should not hurry. Usually, students write several variants of theses, and then choose the most appropriate of them.

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