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College Level Persuasive Essay Topics: A Few Great Prompts

The best topics for persuasive essays are controversial issues. The main reason why is because they usually have some emotional charge behind them. This is great for when you are trying to persuade someone to believe in your side of an issue. Controversial topics include topics that have just about the same amount of people supporting them as they do opposing them. The best way to choose a persuasive essay topic is to see what the most controversial issues are at the time.

There are some topics that no matter when you read this article, will still be controversial. They have been controversial for decades and will continue to be controversial in the future. Here are some neat writing prompts that you can use to get your persuasive essay under way.

  1. There is a big controversy over whether or not abortion should be allowed. Some people believe that it should be the right of the mother to decide whether she wants the child or not. Others believe that the baby or fetus should have the right to live. The main controversy is over when the fetus should have rights. Some supporters use the issue of rape as a justification for not having the law in the case of abortion set in stone.
  2. A major controversial issue that has plagued our society with all of the innovations in medicine has been the cloning of individuals and animals. The jury is still out on whether or not we should be cloning people and animals even in the name of science. Supporters believe that it is essential in the continued genetic education. The opposition thinks that we may have some moral issues to deal with. Will cloning lead to a real Jurassic Park incidence?
  3. Animal testing can help scientist find cures for many deadly diseases but this comes at the risk of the animals involved. Supporters believe that it is a small price to pay when we can cure a child of cancer. The opposition wants these vaccines to be tested in another way.
  4. Stem cell research is a controversial issue because the fetus is destroyed in the process. The research can lead to all sorts of cures for diseases however the morality of the destruction of the fetus is in question. The opposition is also concerned about where the fetuses are coming from that are being used for these experiments.

These are some hard hitting topics that you can use to write your persuasive essay. Be sure to choose a topic that you feel strongly about so that you won’t have trouble coming up with persuasive arguments for or against the topic.

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