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How To Write A 500-Word Essay On Nursing And Health Care

Even though thinking about writing 500 words seems like a lot, it really isn’t. This article is 400 words, and it’s less than one page, so you can imagine writing something a little bit longer than this and you will be finished. A nursing essay is not hard to write if you can plan ahead what you will say and have done your research. The actual writing will only take up about a third of your time, because of the preparation needed.

Health care and nursing essay writing tips

Start with the introduction. When you write this, remember that you are not only introducing the topic but setting the tone for the rest of your project. Whether you want to inform or argue a point or tell a story, that should be clear from the introduction. Make sure you are writing this the way your professor expects in order to get a good grade, because following instructions is very important.

Most of your marks will come from the body of the assignment, where you argue the point and explain the topic to create more awareness for it. This is usually the longest part, about two thirds of your word count, and will have most of your research contained in it.

Lastly, your conclusion needs to be a summary of what you have already talked about. Explain how you have reached this conclusion and pull together the other parts of the paper into a cohesive resolution. The last few sentences are what the reader will remember the most after finishing your piece, so make them memorable.

Other tips for nursing assignments

For a project like this, there are a few more things you need to be aware of:

  • Do not plagiarise any other works, just write your own assignment
  • Read a lot about the subject so that you can sound knowledgeable and are better equipped to talk about the issue at hand
  • Keep your deadline in mind and make sure you will be done on time because most teachers will not accept things late or take off some of your grade for it
  • Watch your grammar, spelling and punctuation—it can make or break a well-researched project if your writing gets in the way of the reader understanding what you are trying to say, so make sure you check and proofread it before handing it in to your teacher

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