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Effective Essay Writing Tips: Choosing A Hot Topic

Writing an essay is not a very tough task if you start on time and plan your task. You need to carry out research on your subject to get good knowledge about it. The most critical part about an essay is choosing the right topic. The selection of topic also depends on the type of essay you will write. If you are writing an argumentative essay, your topic will differ from what it should look like in a descriptive essay. The most important thing for your topic is to be catchy and engaging. The topic of your essay must be able to hook your readers.

Example topics for your essay

  1. How to start losing weight without going on a diet
  2. What is the major reason for increasing number of divorce in our society? Do families break up due to financial crisis?
  3. More job opportunities should be available in finance sector to decrease the unemployment in finance industry
  4. Is life in a village better than the life spent in an urban area? Compare and contrast both lifestyles in your own words
  5. Give examples to show that a person can excel better if he works for his passion
  6. Discuss the effect of civil war on the US constitution. Show how the civil rights movement brought changes in the life of slaves
  7. What is the ideal way to deal with stress? Can people with post traumatic disorders benefit from practicing yoga
  8. Is starvation a bigger issue than obesity in the current situation in the America? Discuss the role of fast food companies in making a healthier nation
  9. What are the consequences of staying up late and not getting enough sleep
  10. Who to consult if you have troubles with your economics term paper
  11. What are the best methods to write an essay
  12. What is a perfect competition? Do our current economic systems allow economies to grow and pace their economic growth? What is the closest example of perfect competition in our economy
  13. Should government spend more on infrastructure to reduce poverty or they should introduce more employment programs
  14. What are the causes of increasing economic recession in developing economies
  15. The amount spent on war and weapons should be dedicated to education and health sectors. This will maintain a better living standard for everyone

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