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4 Ingredients Of Great Proposal Essay Topics: Tips & Examples

There are four ingredients to picking a great proposal essay topic.

  1. The first ingredient to picking excellent topic is to something you actually like. Everybody remembers those old history term papers where they were asked to cover a specific topic that they had no interest in. But this is nothing like that. If you have the opportunity to pick a topic yourself you have the chance to pick something that actually interests you. Not only will you find that writing on a topic you actually love is incredibly exciting and rewarding, but all of that will show through your writing. Everyone who read your paper will know that you took an active interest in your topic and that you truly showed ingenuity and creativity. When you have to write something that you don't really care about it seems like every paragraph is a struggle much like pulling teeth. But if you actually enjoy the topic learning new things will excite you and you will never be able to cover everything you want to share with others in the space of your paper.
  2. The second ingredient is to look over your textbooks. Not all students are great coming up with the topic on their own. But reviewing your textbook, your class notes, and anything else pertinent to your course can make it significantly easier to find a topic. Looking over headings and subheadings will lead you to remember all the things that you've covered up until now and to see what items you actually love reviewing in the course of your lecture but didn't have enough time to really delve into.
  3. The third ingredient is to define your topic. In almost every single case the initial topic that you select a cover in your paper will be far too broad. Students get very excited and decided they want to cover the Cold War. However they failed to recognize about is an incredibly extensive topics and they need to refiner topic a lot further if they plan on covering it in 5 to 7 pages. It is best to have a handful of potential topics so that you can choose which one can be best narrowed and refined to meet your assignment details.
  4. The final ingredient is to run your potential topics by your teacher. Never hesitate to ask your teacher if your topic is an acceptable one for your assignment. This can save you a lot of time having to go back and redo your assignment.

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