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The Main Parts Of A One-Page Essay: A Brief Tutorial

Regardless of its length, there are certain parts of an essay that all essays have in common. To write a suitable paper, there are three main parts that you must have in your one-page essay.

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Main parts of a one-page essay

  1. Introduction- Every essay needs an introduction. It provides background information to the topic and helps the reader know what the paper is about. If it’s a paper that talks about a problem, the introduction would explain why the topic is a problem, and this would be done by giving background information. The introduction also sets the tone of the paper and forecasts what will be seen in the next section of the paper.
  2. Body- After an introduction, the body is next to be presented. The body of an essay is usually several paragraphs. Each paragraph usually explains a certain point that is being made. It is best to not put all your information in one paragraph. For a one-page paper, a body section may be two to three paragraphs at most. Each point must be clearly explained regardless of the length of the paper. However, as there is a page limit, it gives more freedom to keep information concise and focus only on the main information instead of adding stuff to add up to the word count.
  3. Conclusion- The conclusion of the paper reinforces what is seen in the body of the paper. It is a recap of all the points presented. A conclusion can differ based on the type of paper. For instance, if it is an argumentative paper, the conclusion would reinforce the writer’s belief in their stance and may call persons to action. You should be able to read the introduction and conclusion of a paper and know what is in the body section. In the introduction, you state the points you will present in the body section and in the conclusion you restate those points and claims that you made in the body section. A conclusion is an important part of the paper because a lot of persons put all their time and effort into writing a good body section that they do not write a good conclusion. A strong conclusion can be the difference between a pass and a fail.

These are the three main parts of any paper. In a paper limited by its size, however, it is extremely important that you do not overcomplicate things and that you say what needs to be said. Good Luck!

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