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The Matrix

The Matrix was a science fiction film that was written and directed by two brothers in 1999. It is an American and Australian action film which depicts a future that is dystopian at best wherein humans do not live in the real world but instead live in a simulated reality which is referred to as “the matrix”. This simulated related was created by sentient machines as a way of subduing humans. The electric activity and heat from human bodies is used by the sentient machines for electricity.

In the film, a computer programmer learns about this truth and becomes part of a rebellion against these machines, trying to free other people of their dream world. This film is quite popular for its bullet time visual effects. These visual effects were previously undiscovered or at the very least unused until this film. This effect brings with it a heightened perception of a particular character, by allowing the action sequence taking place to move in slow motion as the viewpoint of the camera is seemingly moving at normal speed.

This film is not just popular for the new film techniques and special effects it cultivated but also because it is a cyberpunk science fiction piece. It contains a great deal of philosophical and religious ideals, and it pays specific homage to things such as Alice in Wonderland, Baudrillard, and the Allegory of the Cave by Plato. The approach to the new action sequences was inspired by the admiration of the writing team for Japanese animation. They incorporated many wire fu and martial arts for the fight choreography and used special techniques taken from Hong Kong action cinema to do it.

The film was originally released in 1999 in America and it earned over four hundred and sixty million dollars worldwide. It received multiple awards and accolades for its entertainment, cinematography, and its innovative special effects. THz film was praised for its intrigue and for its impressive screenplay. The film has remained on the lists of great science fiction productions in spite of some of the greater criticism it received. It was added into the National Film Registry to preserve it for all time in 2012. The success actually led to two additional sequel films which were both write and directed by the original brothers. It has since become a comic book series, a video game, and a series of short animated films.

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