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A List Of Interesting Fourth Grade Essay Topics To Get You Inspired

To create a list of fourth grade essay topics, you need to relate with the thinking of the child. The mind of a fourth grade child is like an empty sheet and every mark which is to be made must be positive and good for the child and the society. So the syllabus designed for the children is specially checked with these parameters as the syllabus is going to educate the future of the nation. Here is a list of few interesting essay topics for fourth graders.

Your Choice in pets

Mostly people have some pet animal at home, whether a cat or a dog or any other animal. If you have the freedom of choice for choosing a pet which animal would be your first choice?

Your favorite Cartoon Series

You love a particular cartoon series. Now you have to write about the series in detail and give four reasons why everybody should watch this cartoon series?

The School You Want

You come to school every day and you spend 5 to 6 hours in its premises. Is this school providing everything you want or you want to add some stuff to the school?

Your Best Friend

Write about your best friend and why you consider him or her as your best friend? Also write an interesting event which you enjoyed the most with your best friend?

The Rain

Search about the composition and the reasons of the rain and write in such a way that the whole class can easily understand how rain is composed and the reasons behind its composition?

Favorite Personality

You have to write in detail about your favorite personality. You have to describe the reason due to which that person is your favorite and also the incredible things that person did for you or mankind?

Online Games

Most of the children nowadays like to play online games while sitting in their homes. Are you one of them or are you the one who likes to play outside the house in a proper playground? Give the benefits other children would get if they follow the way you play?

Your most beloved Singer

You have to tell in detail about the singer you love to hear the most. The salient features of his or her singing and personality that attracts you. You also have to write about your favorite song of this particular singer and write the complete lyrics of the song.

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