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The Success Of The Iranian Revolution

The Iranian Revolution lasted roughly for one year even though a number of events that led up to it spanned several years. The Revolution lasted from January 1978 through February 1979. Yet, it is known that events dating back to the 1940s may have contributed to its development. Most of the work behind it was completed in Iran but other countries offered limited support. The Revolution sparked a number of strikes, demonstrations and resistance from civilians. It led to a hostage crisis in Iran, over through of leadership of their country’s leader at the time, and the start of the Iran-Iraq War.

The whole idea behind the revolution was to overthrow the dynasty of Pahlav. The people of Iran were not happy with how things were being run in their country. The public grew tired, angry and discontent with the direction their country was going. Eventually, the ruler of the dynasty (Mohammed Reza Shah) took his family and hid from their country. They went into exile that led to several events marking the end of his reign. At one point his son was the ruler and took over the throne or what is known as the pretender to the throne.

The Iranian Revolution would soon become a reality after Shah tries to change his plans on how to run the country. One element that people did not like was the concept of Islamic principles being overturned or ignored. People wanted things to be the way they were before Shah took power. When his plans started to crumble the Iranian Revolution took its place. This occurred between 1978 and 1979 when a number of demonstrations, strikes and resistance from the people forced Shah into exile. Shah has an unusual legacy due to his time in Iran, but many feel he should have never been in leadership in the first place.

When the Revolution took place during 1978 a thousands of school students took to the streets to protest and demonstrate against their current leader. In the months to follow more protests occurred along with shootings where people died. Arson fires occurred and a day dubbed as “Black Friday” occurred which is considered one of Iran’s darkest days in history. The country seems to have moved on from these events but there are still issues yet to be resolved that make other wonder if the people really got what they wanted.

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