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A Piece Of Advice On Writing A 5-Paragraph Literary Essay

Literary essay is a typical kind of essay and first of all need to know all about the basics of writing a literary essay. You cannot just hold your pen and start writing if you want to get good grades. You need to put a thought about the topic first of all, so that you could choose the topic you have the best knowledge as compared to other topics and then you have to dig up a bit more to get the complete know how of that particular topic. Let’s divide this into five parts.

  1. Choosing the Topic:
  2. First of all you need to brainstorm the topic for your literary essay. You need to write down a list of five topics and then you must go with the one you know the most about already so that it would be easy to write about that topic. You can further research on that topic, but as you already would know much about it so it would definitely help.

  3. Start by an introductory paragraph:
  4. You need to start your wriing with an introductory paragraph. Try not to start mentioning your topic in the first line of the paragraph, but just try to relate a normal life example with the topic and then start discussing it, so that it feels natural.

  5. Middle Part of the paragraph:
  6. The second and third paragraph of the essay includes the main body. You need to give the best of what you have learned through your research in these paragraphs and try to be as brief as you possibly can. You don’t need to write lengthy sentences as they decrease the interest of the reader so stick with short ones.

  7. Fourth Paragraph:
  8. The second last paragraph is the part where you need the best of your literary skills. You need to give the best shot to make the readers agree on your point as you would have already given the proof of your point of view and valid arguments in the second and third paragraph.

  9. Ending:
  10. You need a proper ending if you want to impress the readers. So you need to bring it naturally not by just saying that “here is the ending”. You need to leave the readers with a thought in the end so that your essay remains in the back of their minds for a while.

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