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Choosing Excellent Problem Solution Essay Topics To Write About

When you write a problem solution essay you will have to present a problem and then give a solution to that problem. Now this may seem very easy but the solution has to be feasible and also cost effective. On top of that you will have to justify your choice and write you do you think that the specific solution is better than others. This can be bit difficult if you try and solve any random problem. Your best bet is picking something with a good solution but then it will not be interesting as other students would have done it already. Here are few examples which will get you started.

Topics to help you come up with good problem solution essays

  • Solution to the problem of social bullying. More and more students are getting bulled on the virtual world. How would you stop it?
  • What is the best possible solution for a person who is depressed? If one of your friends or class mate was depressed what would you do to make him feel better?
  • What are the best methods by which the problem of domestic violence be curbed?
  • What steps should the government take about the issue of illegal immigrants?
  • Can you devise a way to stop racial discrimination? Why do you think it exists and devise a solution to stop it? Also justify why your method will work where other past policies and tactics have failed?
  • Do you have a friend who has made some wrong choices in life? If so how can you help him recover or get back to where he wants to be?
  • What is the best possible way to break the barrier between two ethnically different groups?

As you can see, finding the right topic is only a matter of perspective. To be able to write a good essay, you will need a good topic. You can easily get the social economic problems by reading the daily news paper. Once you have selected the topic do some research to find the best possible solutions and how to justify your method. If you are in to sports you can get topics related to sports in the sports blogs. These will be about various players or the different kind of sports. You can write on how a player can make a comeback or how the player can recover quickly and get back in shape.

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