Learn to Write Good Essays

A 10-step guide to crafting a successful academic essay

Are you thinking of writing an academic essay without any mistakes to win over your teachers?

Do you want to write an essay like an expert and ace the assignment? Do you know the tips and tricks to complete your academic assignments on time?

Are you waiting for someone to guide you with a gradual process for your essay writing?

If yes, then you have landed to the right place. This article will show you ten basic steps to complete an academic essay

Creativity , imagination and of course your thought process need to go hand in hand, in order to craft a successful academic essay . Here are 10 steps that will assist you:

  1. Analyze the topic. Ponder over it. Collect the material and jot down whatever triggers your mind. It is mandatory to focus more on the topic than the irrelevant and minute details.
  2. Avoid plagiarism. This is the most ineffective and cheap method. It will not be beneficial for you in the long run because you're not learning anything from it. Hence be productive, emphatic and inventive. Plagiarizing content is the biggest turnoff for the reader.
  3. Rearrange the points into a logical paragraph. Even an experienced writer can find a blank page daunting. While arranging make sure to make it as expressive and as genuine as possible.
  4. It all depends on your ability, how you get together your thought process and how you put your thought into a sentence. However, if you’re English is weak, and then consider using simple and correct English than writing what is entirely inappropriate.
  5. Now start with the introduction. A brief description of what you're trying to convey to the reader. Make sure to deliver the content properly. It should give reader what the essay is all about.
  6. While composing, you need to assure that your sentence structure is not incorrect. There should be next to zero grammatical error and punctuation error.
  7. To paragraph your composition is a must.
  8. Write the body of your essay. This needs to have the major arguments as a base for each paragraph.
  9. Before bringing your composition to an end, assure that it is to the point and with precise details.
  10. The last paragraph will be of your conclusion which will summarize your main idea.

However, make sure you do not talk about any new ideas here.

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