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How To Write An Essay About Speech: Practical Advice

Humans are differentiated from other species through two clear capacities; the ability to hold (presence of thumb) and the ability to communicate (through speech). While others species can also communicate among themselves, they are heavily limited in that scope.

Potency and caliber

While writing an essay on speech, you should be clearly fluid and knowledgeable about the potency and caliber of this capacity. With proper intonation and syncopation, you can impress listeners. A brilliant example of this comes in the way Mark Antony revolutionized the people around Caesar’s body against Brutus and company.

  • You should place the abiding values of speech; what makes it special. The main element is clarity. When you don’t speak clearly, the purpose is generally defeated. Contrarily, with clear speech, you can make even mediocre points stand out.
  • The speech should also be evocative. There should be a timber which the listeners identify with. There should be intelligent calling to the roots or vivid examples that enlighten the readers and show them direction.
  • The speech should be rich in tone, diction and syntax. There should be no tonal or grammatical error while speaking, particularly to a crowd. You should also cast off any accented influence from your speech. This compartmentalizes your approach and makes you a narrow leader; not a broad socialist.
  • Your speech should also have the capacity to build bridges, not burn them. You should methodically glorify the positives in a relation, intelligently bypassing the cords that are too taut. Much also depends on the way the speech is written.
  • You should make avid use of facial expressions and gestures while speaking. These attributes are ingrained in the human conscience, almost unconsciously. An empathetic speaker seems dull and monotonous.
  • You should be able to raise the cadence and even use the falsetto when needed. The pathos, climax should all be utilized feverishly while speaking. This keeps the listeners trapped in the tentacles until you release them.
  • You should listen to the speech of powerful orators such as Winston Churchill and Jawaharlal Nehru. You will understand how to captivate listeners and hold their attention throughout. You will also understand how with perfect speech, you can communicate your heart out to others. This helps in putting all doubts to rest and making everything clear and clean enough.

You may imbibe all the mentioned points in your essay on speech. You can also infuse certain personal facets into the piece to make it more emphatic.

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