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Coming Up With Original Essay Topics On Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson is widely recognized as one of the most important American poets. She wrote some 1,800 poems but only a dozen or so were published during her lifetime. Her poetry was considered unconventional for her time and her published work was usually heavily edited by the publisher to fit the poetry norms of the time.

It was not until 1955 that a complete and unaltered compilation of Emily Dickinson’s poems became available. Over time, she has taken her place amongst the pantheon of great American poets.

Below is a list of original essay topics on the life and works of Emily Dickinson.

  1. Emily Dickinson and a life of seclusion.
  2. Explore the reasons for Emily Dickinson reclusive lifestyle. What effect did the deaths of family and friends and especially her school principal have on her choice of lifestyle?

  3. Emily Dickinson and Susan Gilbert.
  4. Explore the friendship between Emily Dickinson and her sister-in-law Susan Gilbert. What was Gilbert’s role in the creativity of Dickinson? What was the mode of communication between them?

  5. Emily Dickinson and her disregard for literary conventions.
  6. Dickinson regularly flouted the prevalent rules of literature with unconventional structure and syntax. She used dashes extensively and also used capitalization in unconventional places in the text. Explore the diversions from tradition and its impact on poetry thereafter.

  7. The theme of Morbidity in Emily Dickinson’s work.
  8. Dickinson is described to have a lifelong fascination with themes of death and morbidity. This is reflected in much of her work. Explore the themes with the help of examples from her poems in which various methods of death are alluded to.

  9. The Descriptive use of Flowers and Gardens in Emily Dickinson’s Poems.
  10. A running theme of Dickinson’s poetry is the use of flowers and gardens to create imagery and background. Various flowers are used to describe states of youth and vitality. She even sent letters and flowers as accompanying presents when sending poems to her friends. Explore.

  11. Emily Dickinson: Poems for Master.
  12. Many of Dickinson’s poems were addressed to “Master”. While her family thought Master to be a real person, literary critics disagree. Critics have described Master or Signor as an unattainable or perfect composite human. Explore this theory and research the existence of such a character in other poets’ works.

  13. Emily Dickinson and the preoccupation with “self”.
  14. The body of work left by Emily Dickinson is largely focused on the self (or herself). Explore.

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