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10 general Essay Writing Rules to Be Followed Closely

There are some essay rules that should always be followed. You would follow these rules for all formal essays, no matter what. The top ten rules are:

  1. Always double-space the paper when you type it. The paper should never be single-spaced.
  2. Make sure you use size 12 fonts and use a very simple font such as Arial or Times New Roman. Save the fancy script font for creative projects and never use a size bigger than 12 fonts. The teacher will notice.
  3. Find out from the moment the paper is assigned if you are going to write it in MLA or APA style. Those are the two formats for formal papers. They are different from each other, so yes, it does matter which paper you use.
  4. It should go without saying, but do not plagiarize. If you simply cannot write or you have no time to write, hire a tutor or a writing company to assist you. Do not plagiarize. Teachers use tools to catch students who plagiarize.
  5. You must have intext citations for the sources you use. You have to give credit to the true owner of the outside support that you use. It does not take long to site it, and make sure to put it on your reference sheet.
  6. Have either a bibliography or a works cited sheet. The two reference sheets are different, so find out which one the teacher wants you to use. Also ask the teacher if she wants you to annotate.
  7. Do not use first or second person in formal papers. Use third person in formal papers. If the paper is informal or something like a narrative or a college entrance essay, then you can use the first person point of view.
  8. Do not miss your deadlines. It seems like a no brainer, but when you miss deadlines, your paper loses points and if the deadline deals with a check the teacher is making, you lose the opportunity for the teacher to help you.
  9. Do not wait until the last minute. Even if you can only work on your paper for ten minutes a day, then do so. A paper that is written over a period of time will be better and it will make the entire process easier on you. Never, ever wait until the last minute to write your paper.
  10. Have fun when writing the paper. There are ways to have fun when working on a paper. Pick an essay topic that you love or one that you always wanted to know about. And then challenge yourself to have fun and finish the paper before the deadline.

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