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5 Interesting Ideas for Fate vs Free Will Essay Topics

Sometimes, students are asked to write fate vs. free will essays. There are three opinions that you can focus on. Firstly, there is only free will, where people decide whatever they want but have to deal with the consequences of their choices. Secondly, there is only destiny, where people are not fully responsible for their choices. In other words, destiny determines what happens next. Thirdly, both possibilities can take place, so there is always room for justification. The latter option is the most apparent. However, you can focus on either one in your paper.

If you are not assigned a topic for the essay, you can look through the interesting ideas described below and get inspired:

  1. The issue of fate vs. free will in Macbeth:
  2. This piece of literature provides great study opportunities for students who want to write about fate and free will. It seems that Macbeth makes his decisions from his free will, but it is also probable that the three witches have chosen everything for him. Either way, you can discuss the last scene of Macbeth in your essay in detail.

  3. Debate on free will and determinism:
  4. Philosophers have debated about free will and determinism for centuries. This question raises many problems in itself. It is hard to believe that all things are determined in a manner where people cannot actually change anything. However, some people believe that there is no free will. You can write your essay studying these questions.

  5. The concept of fate and free will in Oedipus:
  6. You can also analyze this concept as it is described in Oedipus. The Apollo oracle made a prediction, and no matter what Oedipus tried to do, he did not manage to change his future. Without a doubt, he was a victim of fate, but he was not fully controlled by it.

  7. Why do humans need free will:
  8. Philosophers argue about why people need free will. The topic also includes what free will is, whether it is the freedom of choice or something more complicated. It is also interesting to learn more about what was considered as free will in different periods. You can analyze opinions provided by philosophers, politicians, and scientists.

  9. Destiny in Romeo and Juliet:
  10. Many people believe that characters in the famous work of William Shakespeare have free will. However, it seems that they did not make the right decisions. They tried to fight with their fate, but they failed. You can examine the reasons why they failed and what could have happened otherwise.

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