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Explanatory Process Essay Topics: 20 Exciting Suggestions

An explanatory process essay will explain and it will describe a process. This can be a very fun and entertaining paper. It could be that you do not have to do any research for the composition.

You will want to write in a formal style and follow all of the instructions that the teacher assigns you. Make sure you meet the deadlines and that you carefully proof your paper before you submit it to the instructor. When the teacher gives you this assignment, consider using one of our 20 innovative topic ideas.


  1. How to make an ice cream sundae-go through the steps and include all ingredients
  2. How to apply make-up-include the products and steps
  3. Channing a tire properly-this could be a life-saver
  4. Changing the oil in your car-good to know
  5. How to determine if a painting is from the Impressionist Period-know the characteristics and convey them
  6. How to sketch a still life portrait-step by step
  7. Understanding football in ten easy steps-you can write about European or American football
  8. Making the Perfect NCAA Bracket-this is opinion
  9. How to Make Spaghetti-yummy paper
  10. How to Compose the Perfect Essay-use what you have learned in class
  11. Picking the Dog that is Perfect for You and Your Family-each family will be different
  12. Making Delicious Chocolate Cookies-another yummy idea
  13. How to Plant and Care for a Herb Garden-pick five herbs to discuss
  14. How to Write a Movie Review-pick a new movie to write about
  15. Fashion Tips for All Body Types-try picking a swimsuit
  16. How to Live A Green Life-this is a important thing to know
  17. How to Pick the Best College for You-everyone wants to know how to do this
  18. Making Jewelry on a Budget- pick one piece such as a necklace, trying to do too many would get confusing
  19. Becoming a Successful freelance Writer- an excellent way to make extra money
  20. Making a Good Grade on Your Research Paper-everyone wants to know how to do this

In order to write the best paper, you will need to make sure to carefully explain the steps, any materials needed, and any appropriate background material. Make the process fun and easy to understand. If your reader is confused by your explanations, then the paper has not done its job.

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