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How To Compose An A+ School Descriptive Essay Easily: Effective Tips

Writing an essay is not that difficult if you are familiar with a few keynotes. While writing anything you have to keep just a few things in mind. If all the basic concepts about writing are clear to you then you will definitely be able to write anything wonderfully.

The topic

It is very important to have a clear idea about the topic. Until and unless you don’t have any interest in the topic and don’t understand it you wont be able to write on it. So interest is essential and so is right knowledge.


Before writing anything a proper and appropriate research must be conducted. This gives you more options. Also with more choices you are able to write in a better way.

Know your interest area

Before writing you should be clear about the area you are interested in writing about and the way you want to write it. You should not be scared to experiment but at the same time you should be comfortable with what you are writing.

Plan before writing

Planning is one of the most essential steps in writing. You must know where you are supposed to put what idea.


If the introduction is not interesting there are chances that the reader will stop reading. Introduction is the essence to the whole passage so it is very important to write a suitable introduction.

Main body

The body of the passage should include all the facts. They should be explained well. The body should be written in a descriptive form. Explaining every minute detail with full emphasis.


After writing the whole passage it is important to conclude it in an attractive way. If the conclusion is well written the reader will be able to retain what he has read for a long period. The conclusion should explain the whole topic briefly.

Editing before submission

Before submitting you have got to re-check your work. You have to check the grammatical errors, the spelling mistakes, the formation of paragraphs etc. everything is to be checked carefully before submission.

By following all these points you will be able to write an essay that deserves an A+. Besides all this you have to focus on your vocabulary as well. It should not be such that no body is able to get it also it should not be too easy.

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