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A Few Words About Custom Essay Writing: Watch Out for Fraud Agencies

If you are paying a writing website, you expect your essay delivered. However, there are fraud agencies that would take your money and deliver no work at all, or they may send an inferior and plagiarized paper. Fortunately, you can easily identify scammers by paying attention to the following:

  • Slipshod design.
  • Trustworthy writing companies care about the looks and usability of their website as it sells their services to clients. Meanwhile, frauds would not usually bother with making their website convenient and beautiful. They attract their victims with other means, such as extremely low prices.

  • Poorly written content.
  • If the texts on a writing website are ridden with typos, irrelevant, or difficult to understand (and it’s not as rare a case as it may seem), how can you expect these people to do a good job on your essay? They must be either scammers or amateurs who do not even understand how bad their texts are.

  • “Money forward” approach.
  • A reliable writing service would not require you to pay any money until you choose your writer and place an order. If you are not allowed even to calculate the price in advance, this website is probably going to pocket your money. There are lots of variations in the “money forward” approach: fees for access to essay or writer databases, registration fees, or your obligation to make a call or send an SMS to a stated phone number. Just remember that a credible writing agency would not use any of these. You should pay for nothing but your paper being completed, and not until you accept a user agreement.

  • Offers too good to be true.
  • Stay away from websites that promise you to deliver a 10-page paper overnight for $1 a page. Although you may be desperate enough to consider such options, you will just waste your money here. No professional essay writer would agree to work for food. When one makes promises that are barely possible to keep, they are probably not going to keep them.

  • Incomplete contact details.
  • The absence of a company’s physical address on its website is not a stand-alone sign of a scammer. However, it is a reason for concern when combined with other suspicious features. Fraud writing agencies never register as companies in the US or the UK. Use a free online tool to identify the domain’s true owner. If they are based in a suspicious location, such as offshore islands, this company is not the one to be trusted.

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