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Excellent Critique Essay Examples: 5 Places to Check First Hand

What is a Critique Essay?

Simply put, you are asked to comment on a piece of work, which may be written or visual. It could be a famous piece, one of your own or one of your peers’.

Coleridge’s Critique of Othello

It is always a good idea to see how others have successfully negotiated the path you are treading. Samuel Taylor Coleridge famously wrote on Iago and Othello. If you read this work, based on a lecture he delivered, you will see he posed questions as he read the text, then proceeded to answer them. His influential examinations of the Shakespearean are worth looking at, especially if you are writing a literary critique.

Critique of Pure Reason

Immanuel Kant’s series of philosophical books, written in the eighteenth century, continue to be a mainstay of philosophical study. His examination of reason and knowledge continue to enlighten and inform us. Although important in its field, this work is slightly different in that Kant was challenging a widely held belief.

Movie Critique

Today you may be asked to critique a movie, or compare it to the novel on which it was based. There are many aspects you may wish to discuss: visual effect, dialog, storyline, adherence to the original, performance. There are many movie critics – you probably have your favorite. The late Roger Ebert’s reviews are worth emulating when examining movies.

Writing the Critical Essay: An Opposing Viewpoints Guide

There is a series of books that you should look at if you are still uncertain about how to proceed. They cover a range of topics, from gun control to global warming. These guides are meant as discussion points, showing both sides of the argument, but are excellent examples of how to plan and organize your work. You should be able to find copies at your local library.

Critiques on Speeches

Andrew Dlugan is a Canadian public speaking coach. He has published some interesting analyses of famous speeches by such people as Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jnr. and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. These people are renowned as good orators – but what made them so?


Although it is not essential to remain unmoved, it is important to present arguments from both sides of the question and support your own view with facts and direct references. You may be asked to write on almost any subject, but, with research, it can be done.

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