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The Top 12 Easy Argumentative Essay Topics For Middle School Students

An argumentative essay is a type of an academic paper. Its purpose is to teach students to raise arguments in support of their ideas and persuade people in them. This paper might be very easy to write if you choose your topic wisely. Think about something you really believe in and support. Here you may look at decent topic examples that may help you come up with your own argumentative essay idea.

  1. Single sex schools are better than ordinary ones.
  2. Do research and raise your arguments in support of the idea that the quality of education is better in single sex schools.

  3. Violent video games should be banned.
  4. Prove in your essay that violent video games might negatively influence players, so the government should ban them.

  5. Bullies should be punished.
  6. Raise your arguments to prove that the impunity of bullies in schools leads to the worsening of their personalities.

  7. Musicians and actors shouldn’t advertise particular political parties.
  8. People tend to follow their idols, including famous actors and musicians. Prove that when celebrities publicly support some political party, it’s just populism.

  9. Newspapers aren’t needed anymore.
  10. Do research and prove in your essay that electronic methods of information transfer fully dominate over ordinary newspapers nowadays.

  11. Particular music lyrics should be censored.
  12. Raise your arguments to support the idea that music lyrics which glorify criminals and their lifestyles should be banned or censored.

  13. People with anorexia should be forced to eat.
  14. Prove in your paper that most people who suffer from anorexia also have psychic disorders and starve intentionally. Persuade your readers that such people should be fed by force not to die from starvation.

  15. Media shouldn’t demonstrate images of violent crimes.
  16. Support the idea that showing images of violent crimes might negatively influence children and vulnerable people who watch them.

  17. Mothers should care for their children.
  18. Raise your arguments to prove that mothers must stay with their little children at the expense of their jobs for children to grow up properly.

  19. People should choose a common language.
  20. In a globalised world every people need to learn a common planet language besides the language of their country.

  21. Wars cannot be justified.
  22. Raise your arguments and prove that there is no such a conflict that might not be solved by negotiations, and that wars only generate new wars.

  23. Parents should know how to be parents.
  24. Persuade your readers that people shouldn’t have children until they attend parenting courses and know how to take care of children.

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