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A List Of Controversial Essay Topics For College-Level Assignments

Controversial essay topics are hot ideas that are being hotly debated. Often, controversial essay topics can be both good for the reader and the writer. They make for interesting reading AND writing about—therefore, the research phase of the college level assignment will prove interesting and not so boring.

Try a controversial essay topic—it might make your assignment easier to tackle and a lot more interesting to read about as well.

Another benefit of choosing a controversial essay topic is that you will have to literally load the paper up with research in order to display the different opinions and arguments surrounding the controversial topic. Therefore, it is easy to fill the pages of the essay with plenty of quotes, paraphrases, snippets of quotes, and even surveys if you have to.

  1. Abortion, the right to life is always the most controversial essay topic available to students today and, for that reason, teachers often like you to a avoid it – if for no other reason than that student’s feelings tend to get involved and then the writing suffers—going all over the place in a a hodgepodge fashion.
  2. The right to die—euthanasia
  3. Recently, with a young woman in the news’ choice to die at twenty eight, this topic is very hotly debated right now and would yield all kinds of interesting research and opinions to fill your essay with.

  4. Cloning—cloning is always a great topic to research, if somewhat controversial, because of all the latest scientific discoveries and advancements you will learn all about by writing upon this highly fascinating and important topic. Will humans one day have robotic parts? How far are we away from that very idea anyway? It would be interesting if you could tell us, would it not?
  5. What is being done for Battered Women
  6. What are we going to do about global warming?
  7. What are we going to do about America’s population boom?
  8. Should we control immigration more carefully or, is America condemned to be a nation of non- Americans?
  9. Nuclear and hazardous waste
  10. NAFTA
  11. Should we legalize marijuana
  12. Should we legalize all drugs and tax them?
  13. What should we do right now to prevent one more death from teens texting and driving or talking on their cell phones while driving?

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