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Writing Assistance: Easy Tips To Write An Opinion Essay

Have you been given the assignment of writing an opinion essay, but don’t know the essential tips for getting one right? Typically an opinion essay is a formal piece of writing, and as the name suggests you have to give your opinion on a particular subject. Various factors will determine the quality of the finished product which includes your knowledge and passion for the chosen topic.

Here are some of the more simple tips to follow when writing an opinion essay:

Topic Close To Your Heart

It’s easiest to write an opinion on a topic is one you are actually enthusiastic about giving an opinion on. Don’t pick a random topic you think other people will find interesting. Try to find a middle ground – a topic where both you and the general public can relate to.

Typically a writer will have an easier time writing on a topic that’s close to one’s heart. Things such as writers block or a lack of enthusiasm to write should not be a problem when there is enough passion towards a topic.

Breakdown Of The Components

  • Introduction: the introduction of an essay needs to contain the general information about the topic you have chosen, and what your opinion on the topic is. You can be very general at this point because later on you’ll have a chance to expand on any points.
  • Main body: this typically contains many paragraphs where each one presents a different idea that is supported by reasoning. All the ideas together should tie in so that the overall opinion can be supported.
  • Conclusion: at this point you simply restate your opinion in a way that’s different from the introductory paragraph. You can mention some of the ideas put forward throughout the essay so that the concluding paragraph has more strength.

Use Facts, Figures And Statistics

An opinion essay will have a lot more strength behind it if each viewpoint can be backed up by strong evidence. Even if you cannot find evidence that directly backs up your point, you could perhaps use evidence that indirectly backs it up. The use of figures and statistics also shows that you have done your research. This typically gives the teacher a reason to give a higher mark. The use of studies is another great tool for increasing the strength of an opinion. Online there are many databases where studies can be accessed.

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