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Argumentative Essay Topics For High School: 20 Bright Ideas

Could Darcy have salvaged his first proposal?

Argue that Darcy could have kept his first proposal from being a failure if he had told Elizabeth the truth about Wickham.

Would the Hobbit trilogy have been more successful with less CGI?

One reason why Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings were so popular was the effort he made in doing real things and not using CGI.

Are there any good ideas left in the fantasy genre?

Can a fantasy book be written today without ripping off of Tolkien?

Will Disney ruin Star Wars?

Is Disney stretching itself too thin by taking on the Star Wars franchise?

Should the Chronicles of Narnia series be continued?

Argue that the movies can be continued, as only the Silver Chair and the Last Battle are really worth the effort.

Should the U.S. have more historical reenactments?

In an effort to draw the young people away from dangerous pastimes, should states have more historical reenactments?

Can you prove that evolution did not happen?

Use as your base argument the fact that: if evolution did happen then why are there still monkeys? And if evolution is still going on then why are we not seeing signs of it?

What is the real definition of religious liberty?

Religious liberty does not mean the removal of religious artifacts from schools and government buildings.

Why were the Twilight movies a flop?

Talk about actor/actress attitude, filming, lines and acting.

Why the majority of fiction today will not endure

What is lacking in fiction books today that will not make them remembered in years to come?

Why Hollywood feels the need to split a book into two or more movies

For the purpose of making more money and drawing out the franchise.

Why elevating animals higher than a pet or useful status is dangerous

When we take better care of our pets than our fellow human beings our society shall crumble.

Is democracy the best form of government?

Argue that democracy is the best form of government.

Is monarchy the best form of government?

Argue that monarchy is the best form of government.

Is a cure for cancer only monetarily out of reach?

Is money the only thing keeping us from finding a cure for cancer?

Why rock music should not be considered a talent

Anyone can be a rock star, just grab a guitar and scream a few words.

Is overpopulation really an issue?

If the fear of overpopulation comes from the worry of not having enough food then build more farms.

Does Canada have the best side of the Niagara Falls?

Is Canada’s view of Niagara Falls better than ours?

Does class really exist in the U.S.A.?

Are there class distinctions in the U.S.?

Is the Earth the center of the universe?

There are those that believe that the Earth, and not the sun, is the center of the universe.

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