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Creating a Strong Thesis for a Comparative Essay Without Effort

A thesis statement is defined as the sentence that captures your main idea, central message or position on the topic you are discussing. The statement acts as a summary of your intentions and is either one or two sentences long. It performs three important roles:-

  • Guides your writing by providing a point of focus as well as limits
  • Directs the reader on what to expect from the paper
  • Keeps you focused by providing a reference point

Developing a strong thesis statement for your comparative essay is made easier by considering these tips.

Positioning of the Thesis Statement

The statement should be provided at the earliest opportunity in your essay. In shorter essays, it forms part of the first paragraph. However, if your paper is long, it is written on the second paragraph. A thesis statement that is buried in the middle of a paragraph or paper is ineffective. Avoid vague words by making it as clear and specific as possible. Indicate the point you are making in your paper in a subtle and natural flow.

Make the Statement Unique and Specific

Do not rush to compose the thesis statement at the beginning of your research work. Have an idea of what you want to work on at the beginning. However, as you research and compile your work, the idea will become clearer. This is the time to construct your statement ensuring that it is unique and very specific. This gives a chance for the statement to evolve as you get more ideas about your target area of study.

Make the Statement as Original as Possible

Avoid statements that have been used for years as part of essays. Develop a thesis statement that makes your comparison essay to appear fresh and original. Readers will keep away from topics that have been studied for years. However, they will be curious to read-on as long as the statement feels new.

State Your Position

The statement must not only reveal your topic but also state you position on the matter. It also gives a hint of how you intend to tackle the issue at hand. That position should be supported by an indication of why it is valid and matters enough to form part of academic study.

The thesis statement you choose for your comparative essay will reflect whether you thought through your ideas or not before making the choice. It also reflects the depth of your understanding of the matter at hand. It will give a hint of your commitment and enthusiasm regarding the topic of study.

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