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What To Know About The Opinion Essay Structure: 8 Basic Rules

An opinion essay refers to a form of composition that is formal. This means that it requires the writer’s viewpoint on a subject matter which must be disclosed clearly, providing different perspectives on the subject supported by examples and/or reasons. In the same way, an opposing perspective must be included in another paragraph.

Here are 8 basic rules in an opinion essay structure that you need to follow when writing this type of piece:

  1. This type of paper aims to prove your main idea which is none other than your thesis. Hence, it must be clearly presented in your opening paragraph. It is not advised to leave the readers speculate what your stand is on the problem- in other words, it is fundamental for the writer to make a clear stance.
  2. Develop your argument in the paper’s body. Take note that each paragraph must compose of one and clear concept that backs up your point of view. In addition, you may use cause and effect, instances as well as illustrations, comparison or contrast or other approaches of development to back up your argument.
  3. When doing the research, bear in mind that any statements you include that may cause your readers to question “how do you know that what your saying is true” must be supported with proper documentations from outside sources.
  4. There must be an introductory paragraph wherein the writer presents the subject and his/her viewpoint.
  5. There must be the main body that is comprised of a few paragraphs wherein each paragraph must introduce the opposing views and the reason why the writer thinks it is a questionable point of view.
  6. It must contain a conclusion wherein the writer restates his/her viewpoint using various words. Indeed, the writer may also custom written discourse writing service sample for a more excellent structure.
  7. Decide whether you agree or oppose with the subject matter of your chosen topic. Afterwards, create a list of your reasons and perspectives.
  8. Compose well-developed paragraphs, linking the sentences with suitable linking words as well as phrases. It matters to begin each paragraph with a topic sentence that recaps what the paragraph is about.

Linking words and phrases must also be used to connect one paragraph to another. After your paper is done, do not forget to proofread. After doing the necessary revisions, you may allow others to read your work. This way, those who read your paper may see some other errors which you unintentionally overlooked and may suggest some changes to make your work more worth-reading.

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