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Finding free resources on the internet that will give you advice on writing essays is not as difficult as it may seem. There are numerous options available for students who need help. The hard part is going where the advice is likely to be good. Since you don't want to waste your time wading through tons of useless advice, here are the best places to look for free help online.

  • Forums: There are thousands of forums dedicated to writing on the internet, and many are specific to certain types of writing. Think about joining a forum that is specifically geared towards essay writing. The advantage here is that there can literally be thousands of people online to help you and give you advice that you can use.
  • Chat rooms: Like forums, chat rooms that are for writers can be an essential source of information. They are also in real time so you can expect to receive an answer to your question within moments.
  • Interactive software: There are plenty of helpful tools on the internet if you take the time to look. Software that runs like a "how-to" wizard, tutorials, and step-by-step instructional guides are all out there for the taking. While you may find many that are technical and not overly interesting, there are also some that have taken the time to make the presentation something worth watching.
  • Newsletters and subscriptions: Sign up with some of the free sites that send daily or weekly writing tips straight to your inbox. Many of these can be customized so that you receive information only on the subjects that you are interested in.
  • Hook up with social media: Don't forget that there are many different groups that exist through social media networking sites. Many of them can be found that focus on writing.
  • Online libraries: Don't forget about utilizing the free online library sites. There are thousands of books that you can read online at no cost to you, including ones on how to complete writing assignments.
  • Online study groups: There are plenty of online interactive study groups floating around on the internet. Not only can you share your essay with other group members, you can also ask for suggestions and advice.

The web is literally bursting with information. Get creative in how you search for it. Sometimes the extra five minutes that you spent looking up search term keywords can be the best you have ever spent if you find an advice site overflowing with information.

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