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Essay Writing Help: Is It Safe To Use Online Resources?

Many younger students have not had the experience of growing up researching materials for their classes by using their family’s Encyclopedia Britannica or physically checking out a book from their local public library. With the ability to find anything online from historical events to how to properly write an essay, the resources of finding information have been vast and endless. Knowing that anyone can create and maintain a website, students should look out for the following signs of unsafe online resources:

  • Opinion Based
  • Comparison Tools
  • .What?
  • Educational Resources

Opinion Based

As previously stated, anyone is capable of creating and maintaining a website. These websites can range from peaceful organizations to hate fueled racist ones. When reading through these websites, students need to understand the difference between opinion based and factual based writing. If the writing is being used to bring someone else down or if they are feeding flat out lies into their essays, they are not credible and should be discouraged. A student must be careful when accessing these websites as well because they could end up downloading viruses onto their computer, rendering them inoperable. As always students should be on the alert if they notice poor grammar or spelling on the websites.

Comparison Tools

If a student stumbles onto one of these poor websites, they should simply cross reference it with another website. If the historical information does not match what three or four other websites agree on, these are no safe resources to be citing for one’s schoolwork.


Anyone can make a website that is a .com server, but it is to the benefit of a student to always search for .gov websites first. These websites will direct a student towards factual websites that have a lot more protection from hacking and non credible sources. When using .com websites, students should search for citations throughout the website. Most credible websites will be part of a non-profit organization vice a person’s simple blog account.

Educational Resources

Many libraries now have online resources for students to find books, journals and magazines to look into for their school research projects. Schools and teachers can provide students with plenty of websites to gather information from in order to produce the best possible work related assignments. If a website seems to be sketchy and a student is highly unsure if the information being provided is factual, they should type the false information into a search engine or seek out the advice of an adult or their instructor.

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